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Serena D. Aisenman, Esq.

California Consumer Protection Attorney

Practice Areas

Consumer Protection

Lemon Law

Auto Fraud

False Advertising

Bait And Switch

Unfair Or Deceptive Business Practices

Breach Of Warranty

Negligent Misrepresentation

Serena has helped shape California's consumer protection laws

Serena helped shape consumer auto fraud protections with her role in the case Pulliam v. HNL Automotive, Inc. In Pulliam, the Second District Court of Appeals ruled in the consumer’s favor, holding that when a vehicle contract is assigned to a lending company to finance the purchase, the lender is not only subject to the consumer’s claims against the dealer, but also responsible for the consumer’s attorney fees and costs on a successful claim. This is significant in creating more options for consumers to recover their costs, even when a dealership is out of business or unable to pay damages. Serena co-authored the brief that helped convince the Court of Appeals to protect consumers and hold predatory lenders responsible for profiting from unscrupulous dealership sales tactics.**

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